7 Reasons Why Bingo Plus Blocks Your Online Bingo Account

Reasons Why Your Online Bingo Account Block

List of the most common reasons why bingo plus and other online casinos can decide to block your online bingo account. And some advice on how to deal with such situations.

When you sign in to a major online casino, you are immediately lock out when a notification appears. Every attempt to load a game or deposit/withdraw money on other websites, a message of your ban will appear. Block players will also receive an email informing them that their account has been lock.

When legitimate casinos try to access their customers’ accounts, they inform them immediately if their account has been block. Operators may also use notifications or email to justify locking an account or withholding a player’s money in their virtual vaults. Mild cases usually allow players to regain access to their account, whereas severe cases permanently delete it.


 1.)Verification Process Failed.

Bingo Plus requires you to complete its verification process after creating an account. New players must provide a government ID or proof of identity to verify their account—anyone who does not finish the process risks having their account block.

As part of the “Know Your Customers” (KYC) policy they agreed to, every licensed casino is require to verify all of their players. KYC policies are design to prevent money laundering through gambling sites.

2.) Too many failed login attempts

Blocking the account protects the player’s bankroll when someone keeps logging in with their account details. Online casinos have a security feature that detects multiple login attempts for a specific account, which are usually attempt by hackers to brute force the password.

When this happens, players can contact support and have their accounts reactivated. Locking a statement following a breach is a wake-up call to activate the two-factor authentication (2FA) system on your account to protect it from hackers.


When it comes to underage gamblers, Bingo plus and all regulatory offices all over the world are extremely strict. Casinos are require to prohibit minors from playing in their establishments or online. If a regulatory office discovers that an operator is admitting underage players, they risk losing their license and paying a hefty fine.

Players are usually ban for being underage after creating an account and sending an ID that reveals their age. AUTOMATIC BAN!

4.) Abuse Bonuses or Harvesting

To entice new players, online casinos frequently offer welcome bonuses. Free spins and deposit bonuses are examples of bonuses. Anyone who takes advantage of these bonuses by creating multiple accounts risks a permanent ban.

Keep in mind that casinos encourage players to refer their friends and family, which includes anyone with the same IP address. Multiple accounts in one IP address are permit as long as only one player claims the bonus.

  5.) Breach of data

When a hacker or intruder gains access to an online casino database, the system locks all of the accounts in that database. An operator can prevent criminals from stealing your money or personal information by blocking your account.

Criminals attempt to breach online casinos regularly. However, every major casino employs cutting-edge security measures to prevent unauthorized access. It is usually resolve immediately, and certain operators require you to change your password before playing games or making a transaction for added security.

6.) Suspicious Activity Behavior

Major and licensed casinos apply a machine learning and AI system to all player activity to detect suspicious patterns. Fixed betting amounts on specific poker hands or placing maximum bets on slot machines at particular times are examples of patterns.

Casinos are concerned about gambling bots or cheating software because they can find an exploit to consistently win in certain games. By locking accounts that exhibit suspicious patterns, online casinos AI can prevent cheaters from taking advantage of their games.

7.) Terms and Conditions Violation.

When you open an account with any casino, you agree to their terms and conditions. Any violation of their rules may result in your account being ban, and anyone who fails to read the fine print can easily break the rules.


Keep Calm and Assess the Reasons for Your Ban

After reviewing the rules, consider why a casino barred you from entering. It may be as simple as failing to complete the verification process, which happens when you send the incorrect document requirement. Finding the root cause of your account’s suspension can assist you in resolving the problem.

Contact Bingo Plus Customer Service.

Contacting the Bingo Plus support team can help you understand why you were ban, reinstate your account and get you back on track. If the reason is illegitimate or they cannot explain it, your best option is to contact the online bingo game regulatory office.

Bingo plus block accounts to protect themselves and their players, which includes you. To avoid having your account ban, read the terms and conditions. If this occurs, remain calm and contact the official Bingo plus support line.

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