About Us

BingoPlus Philippines is Leisure & Resort World Corporation’s (LRWC) newest gaming brand offering from the LRWC subsidiary, AB Leisure Exponent Inc. (ABLE). LRWC, the same group behind the Bingo Bonanza games operated in shopping malls, launched the platform on January 17th, 2022, as the first-of-its-kind online traditional bingo (OTB) gaming licensed by the Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation (PAGCOR).

Why BingoPlus?

More than a business expansion initiative, BingoPlus is a gift. It is ABLE’s gift to the 21st-century bingo enthusiasts and casino gamers, a “digital-ized” generation that is nothing like the previous ones.

Our Offers

BingoPlus Live

What else can you expect from a gaming giant? Naturally, a modern-day twist to all of the most well-loved games on earth.

What other game can be more well-loved than the century-old game of chance, bingo? Case in point: Ask anyone you know and they’d probably tell you that they know what bingo is. From the time it was created up to several hundred years later, there is no doubt: Bingo is one of the most popular game there is, if not the most. That said, an Internet-based version, BingoPlus Live isn’t really all that unexpected, is it?

BingoPlus Philippines x Total Gamezone Xtreme, Inc. (TGXI)

Together with Total Gamezone Xtreme, Inc. (TGXI), an operator and licensee of PAGCOR eGames stations (PeGS), we offer innovative and rewarding online casino games. Also on the table are state-of-the-art betting and gaming technologies from BingoPlus and some of the world’s best game producers. Together, these teams collaborated to create the smoothest, most rewarding gaming platform. Their goal: To spread good cheer and boost your bankroll 24 hours a day, seven days.

Online and Offline Gaming in Metro Manila

Whether it is BingoPlus Live or Gamezone, we gaming doesn’t have to be inconvenient. This brings us to our next point: the best of online and offline gaming – the one thing you’d appreciate about this would-be one-stop online entertainment site.

All-in-One Gaming Lifestyle

On top of the games and rewards, what BingoPlus really offers is a lifestyle. You could be a young professional juggling your work and social life. You could be an avid gamer who spends your life stuck to your gaming hardware. But, once you join BingoPlus, you become a part of the family of people who share the same interest and love of bingo and casino games.

As a premiere gaming hub in the country, BingoPlus Philippines offers its games wherever you may be and at any time you desire, even as it continues to expand and rebrand for an even better gaming experience.