Bingo Live Plus

It's the Perfect Time to Play Bingo!

Take a shot at our live bingo games and claim your share of the BIGGER, BETTER P5-million prize pool. Keep yourself in the game longer, win some of the other prizes, and shoot up the leaderboard for the highest winners.

Our Bingo Games

At BingoPlus, we offer an exciting selection of bingo games and multiple progressive jackpots along with the guaranteed prizes: Extra patterns (Diagonal Left, Diagonal Right, Four Corners, Capital T, Letter X, Large Frame, Two-, Three-, and Four-Lines), 44-Ball, and 50-Ball bingo. Regular guaranteed prizes from P20 to P100,000, while progressive jackpot offering ranges from P500,000 to P5,000,000 daily!

We value communication and relationship, so our in-game chat box lets you converse with your friends and interact with the hosts while you play the best bingo games and even make new friends.

How to Play Our Live Bingo Games Online

Playing BingoPlus live bingo games online doesn’t take much imagination or effort. It’s pure fun and incredible rewards.

To get started, just register for an account, deposit some funds, then get ready to win real money prizes every ten (10) minutes.

You may either pre-buy any number of Hot/Cold bingo cards or create personalized DIY cards if a game is ongoing. Once the game ends, confirm your bingo card purchase, then place your bets. You can also adjust your bets by changing the game multipliers [Plus (+) or Minus (-) icons at the bottom of the screen] for the Extra Patterns games or select Bingo & Jackpot if you want to play for the progressive games. When the game starts, the bingo hosts will draw and call the numbers, and it will automatically match the numbers printed on your cards. If you complete the winning Extra Patterns or blackout your cards, you win our best bingo games!