How to Become the Best Master Agent this 2022

Time for some true confessions: You’ve always dreamt of getting a job with regular pay while having fun and autonomy. Well, why not? It sounds like the ideal job for everyone. Although technically, you probably won’t be able to call it a “job” without a regular work schedule. 

Financial Potential and Time Freedom or Financial Security: Which One is Better? 

The real comedy—and irony—is when people accept that this will never be. Instead, they opt to find their solutions by picking one over the other, debating whether financial potential and time freedom are better than financial security. 

With 2022 being some kind of year because of the pandemic and all the other problems, you may be thinking: Do you have no choice but to pick one? 

BingoPlus says, “No,” but with an asterisk. You can have good money regularly and have fun and autonomy. You just have to work hard and start a career as a master agent.  

What is a Master Agent?

Inspired by the network marketing business that made many millionaires in the past, BingoPlus has pioneered an evolved version, the master agent business. Through this model, they offer to capitalize on relationships rather than money. A master agent is also both a job and a business opportunity of sorts. Afterall, it requires concrete tools and services, strong customer research, client interaction, and implementation support through the sales process. 

Becoming the Best Master Agent

While it does mimic the multi-level marketing (MLM) model, it differs in more ways than one. Master agents earn their keep by putting in the work and watching the progress without working directly with the carrier. Do you want to know if you have what it takes?     

Contracts and Quotas


Until recently, master agents don’t have or enforce monthly, quarterly, and/or yearly quotas. With the increased consolidation of networks, however, the new regimes of top agents make themselves indispensable. They effectively do away with cancellation notices and cut off agent commissions, because revenue commitments aren’t met.

The Right Tools and Embedded Value Chain


The best agents have the best tools to make the job more efficient. In particular, they have intelligent software, audits, and procedures to do commission research and catch, fix, and seek back pay for the errors on your commission report.  

Expert Knowledge and Learning Assistance


Knowledge and technology drive success. That said, a good master agent takes long hours to master the basics and learn about the business in the best way possible. They also offer assistance for subagents, independent agents, and referral agents in weekly training calls, organizing in-person training conferences, and maximizing your chances of closing a deal. After all, regardless if it’s a partnership or a job, knowledge combined with tools is always unbeatable.

Do you have what it takes to be a BingoPlus master agent? 


So if you’re looking for flexibility, autonomy, financial stability, and potential, you can strive to understand the nuances of becoming a great master agent. Otherwise, take a safe bet and find stable and reliable employment. After all, it takes strong-will, confidence, and a good, hard look at yourself to venture into something new.


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