Additional Bingo Balls Drawn For The Jackpot Round

Bingo Balls

Bingo plus Jackpot prize has now reached 23 Million Pesos! The question now is who will be able to pay the 16million payout won by the single-player? Are you one who will be the next multi-millionaire? We are excited to meet and place your name on the top chart of our bingo plus millionaire. To make it more interesting and more exciting, Bingo Plus makes it easier to win the jackpot by adding additional bingo balls to draw for the jackpot round; from the 44 balls, there will now be 45 bingo balls to be drawn. These changes will give players more chances of winning the Jackpot Round.

Follow this story and be one of them Congratulations To Our Lucky Bingo Plus Big Winners!

Bingo Plus is excited to make another success story for the player and release the huge jackpot prize, so what are you waiting for? Grab the opportunity now and play bingo plus choose your lucky bingo card number to play quickly and confidently and claim the title of 23 Million Jackpot Winner!

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