Bing Bing The Official Mascot Of Bingo Plus

Moscot of bingo plus

Be entertained by our Bingo Plus mascot,” Bing Bing,” the human form of Bingo Plus that brings smiles and luck to your gaming play. Bingo Plus loves to entertain in all aspects of life. Aside from playing and giving a considerable amount of jackpots by playing bingo live, online poker and slot machines, Bingo Plus is always ready to extend its hand to those affected by calamities and disasters, not only by giving the basics needed but to brings an extra smile.

Why Bing Bing is important for Bingo Plus?

Bing Bing is not just a mascot; He is the human figure of the company. He is the brand’s storyteller. Without using words, he conveys a message about Bingo Plus. Bing Bing remains in people’s minds and helps people recognize the company.

Watch Bing Bing At PBA Games!

Since Bingo Plus is the official partner of The PBA, During the break or time out, Bing Bing, along with the Bing Girls, are always there to promote and entertain the crowd with their epic dance moves. If you are interested in the step, feel free to watch their jingle.

Bing Girls

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