Bingo Plus Daily TOP10 Bettors

  1. Bingo plus players are allowed to participate in this promo, whether its on website, apps or Gcash
  2. Advertising:
    Join our Daily Top 10 Bettor list. Players that bet the most money each day in bingo, slots, or poker can win bonuses of up to P10,000.00 per day.
  3. Promo Guidelines:
    • Promotional period starts on August 13, 2022;
    • The Daily Top10 Bettors winners will be revealed Bingoplus “News” tab;
    • Except on weekends and holidays, the bonus will be sent the following day;
    • Bingoplus has the exclusive right to the ultimate interpretation of this incident.

Bingo plus Congratulate our TOP 10 Bettors from August 29

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Bingo games is now a well-known and widely popular game all over the world. There are many Online Bingo Games zones in various parts of the United Kingdom, and as a result of their enormous popularity, online free Bingo games were launched. 

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