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BingoPlus and Miss Philippines Earth Singning Ceremony 2022


BingoPlus, the first legally operating online bingo site in the Philippines. Discovered a fresh way to advance its support for Miss Philippines Earth (MPE).
The gaming company’s mission statement is “Live responsibly and work with our community,” which is connected with the beauty pageant whose special goal is to have its contestants and winners actively promote and help preserve the environment.

To get its employees involve in MPE’s upcoming events, such as tree planting, beach clean-ups, and the promotion of tourism destinations. BingoPlus will join MPE in its environmental awareness initiatives and environmental preservation campaigns across the country.

BingoPlus had started its relief initiatives for cities and communities devastated by natural disasters brought on by climate change. In Cebu and Bohol in December 2021. Typhoon Odette wreaked havoc on homes, and BingoPlus helped restore those homes and supply essentials.

Initiatives carried out by BingoPlus under the umbrella of its parent firm. Leisure & Resorts World Corporation, are in line with Miss Philippines Earth’s mission. The 5Rs tenet—Re-think, Reduce, Re-use, Recycle, and Respect—is something we also adhere to, according to AB Leisure Exponent Inc. President Jasper Vicencio.

“The community in which BingoPlus operates is important to the company. One of the traditional activities to bring the family together, bingo, has long been an important part of Filipino culture. We get through hard times and become cheerful about spreading optimism through family connections, socializing, and entertainment.

“As a business, we aim to impart knowledge and develop additional livelihood programs to help people put more food on the table. In addition, Vicencio said, “We want to encourage wellness initiatives to help people with poor health, close the health and education achievement gaps for pupils, and protect the environment while fostering its sustainability.

The Miss Philippines Earth Pageant this year. The theme “ME Loves Fauna,” emphasizes the value of animal life to the biosphere and ecology.


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