Congrats To Badbrat1979 Bingo&Jackpot Winner 

Let’s congratulate the new Bingo&Jackpot Winner Badbrat1979 for winning the 10.7 Million Pesos! We are honored to share his winning history:

” Hi, I’m badbrat1979, 42 years old from Bacoor Cavite. I remember that I am using 4 random combo cards that are worth 25pesos each.”

” On how I discover the BingoPlus, Actually I am just browsing different stuff on internet, then I saw an ad of Luis Manzano endorsing the Bingo Plus, I try it even though I don’t know how to play the game even the traditional bingo game, I still keep on playing it for a while, for how long I played it? It’s like a month, as in I’m considering myself a newbie bingo player.

” My strategy every around 2 pm or every time that I don’t have a thing to do, Bingo Plus is my favorite fast time especialy my card design is like calling me “Let’s Go” I’m thrilled every time I open the game, and win a small amount like 20 pesos it completes my day.”

“Before I play the game, I light a candle and pray coz I’m in difficult times that day. So I’m trying to figure out what. I’ve prayed to mama mary, asking for help, and I still can’t believe he gives me more than what I am asking for. So I said God is good all the time and thank him.”

” For all the players out there, I am testifying that this bingo plus is a legit online game; good luck to everyone, and keep on playing bingo plus. To all the bashers, I also wish your gaming card would pick and win. And please stop bashing the management. They are just doing their job and entertaining us while we are playing the game. Be good to all of them.”

Winning Bingo Card

Badbrat1979 bought 4 combo cards for the extra pattern and Bingo&Jackpo cards. He won the Jackpot for the 44th draw ball, and the prize was a staggering P10,778,543. At exactly 6:42 pm on August 8, 2022, we won the Bingo Plus Jackpot.

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