Congratulation To Roniel (niel1991) Our New Bingo Plus Jackpot Winner

Niel1991 = bingo & jackpot

We are thrilled to announce our new bingo & jackpot winner Roniel ( niel1991), the new bingo plus millionaire who takes home the 7.6 Million Pesos! We are glad to share his inspiring bingo plus story with all of you!

“Hi, I’m Ronnie, from General Santos City, 31 years old, separate from my wife; I’m currently living and working here in Manila. When I won the bingo plus blackout game, I remembered that I was driving. I am a truck driver in our company, by the way. My card by that time was an extra bingo pattern and a bingo and jackpot orange card. I’m using two combo cards; luckily, I won the jackpot prize. I can advise all players of bingo plus to keep playing the game, and eventually, you will be the next bingo plus winner. For those who doubt the game, give it a try. Look at me. I didn’t expect to win this enormous amount of money ( Truly, bingo is a game of chance). For Bingo Plus, I am immensely thankful to you, and I still can’t believe that a simple truck driver can hold more than 7 Million Pesos. Thank you so much, Bingo Plus!

Roniel ( Niel1991) bought two combo cards for the Extra Pattern and Bingo & Jackpot. He won when the host called the 44rth ball for the Bingo And Jackpot prize total worth of ₱7 672,004.00. At exactly 10:43 pm on July 25, 2022, he won the Bingo Plus Jackpot Prize!

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