Congratulations To Our Lucky Bingo Plus Big Winners

Lucky Bingo Plus Big Winners

In just 21 weeks, 163 jackpot and bingo winners have been recorded at Bingoplus, and the first and only traditional online bingo gaming live in the Philippines. The entire prize has been won, beginning on February 3, 2022. There are a startling 230 million pesos on this online bingo game site, with rewards ranging from at least 400 thousand pesos, or over half a million, to over 16 million pesos for a single person. Lucky Bingo Plus Big Winners!

With the daily increase in participants, there will be more undoubtedly in the future and more winners to be expected. The anticipation of who will arrive next is exciting.

3 Steps To Play And Win The Bingo Plus Game

  1. Register – If you are 21 years old and above, you are eligible to play the live bingo game. Just hit the join button on our official bingoplus site and wait for the OTP( One-Time Password)to your cellphone number.
  2. Deposit – Once the gaming Tutorial is over, make a deposit online or through over-the-counter platforms like Gcash, where you can play directly using their GLife platform.
  3. Play – Log In And Start Playing Bingo Plus Game by buying your bingo lucky number card.

Are you willing to participate in the most recent and popular online bingo jackpot race?

We can’t promise you’ll win the bingo jackpot race, but if you want to compete against the high rollers and feel the excitement of this brand-new kind of bingo fun online, we offer more than P10 million in jackpot games every day.

Remember, Bingo is a game of luck so play responsibly. So are you ready to claim the jackpot? Go ahead and hit the join Button Now!


  1. Jerry Pasigna - Reply

    Hnd ko po alam kung paano maglaro basta po
    Masaya ako habang naglalaro basta po laro lang
    Hnd ko rin po alam kung paano manalo dito basta
    Ang si Papa po ang dala sa akin sa laro na bingo plus kaya naniniwala ako na mananalo din ako maraming salamat po pasensya napo salamat,

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