Newcomers Triple Bonuses

  1. Promo open to all newbies.
  2. Promo Activities

Sign-up Bonus

Register right away to receive a bonus of 20Php.

A user can only receive the bonus once if they have the same personal information, cellphone number, bank account, or IP address as another user.

Initial deposit with rebate

New players’ first deposits should be at least 100Php, and on the same day, new players should have a turnover of one time their initial investment. The next day, you will receive a 10% refund of your initial payment, up to a maximum of 100Php.

3: Reduction in Loss

The newcomers who received Bonus 2 will receive a refund on their first day of loss. The rebate incentive, up to 100Php, will be sent the following day.

  1. Rules:

A. Promo starts on August 22, 2022;

B. Except on weekends and holidays, the bonus will be sent;

C. Bingo plus has the exclusive right to the ultimate interpretation of this incident.

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