The Biggest New Game has Arrived: Bingo Rush

bingo rush

Bingoplus is not giving up on giving new and more exciting games. Bingo Rush is now on BingoPlus. With this fantastic game, you can immerse yourself in a classic bingo experience. The witty name of Bingo Rush is likely to pique your interest and keep you playing once you try it. The developer well-designed this bingo game, and it’s an excellent choice for bingo fans and enthusiasts.

Bingo Rush is a quicker 1-minute bingo game in which players can bet as little as one peso per card and use a multiplier to multiply their winnings up to ten times.

Thirty balls are drawn in this game, and if the player matches the corresponding bingo patterns within the 30 balls, they win the corresponding prize bonus. The Jackpot Bonus is earned by filling up all the cards in 26 balls.

The Jackpot Bonus is determined by the game card multiplier of the player; 1x can receive a 10% bonus, and each time it increases by 1x, the player can receive a 10% bonus; up to 10 times, the player can receive a 100% bonus.

You can win a 500k+ Jackpot Prize for as little as 1, and the more you bet, the higher the Jackpot and Extra Pattern prizes. What exactly are you waiting for? Play right now!


1. How to Join

From Monday to Thursday, Bingo Rush requires a minimum bet of 500 PHP in “Live Bingo.”

2. Period of Opening

On Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, three times per day

9am-11am; 3pm-5pm; and 7pm-9pm

3. 2 types of Gameplay that you can Win

Play both the Jackpot and Extra bingo pattern games on the same card.

4. Bet Multiplier x1 – x10

1 PHP per card and up to 10x multipliers are available; the higher the bet, the higher the Jackpot and Extra Pattern prizes.

5. A Diverse Selection of Cards

You can change the bingo numbers of cards by tapping the -+ button or enter the number of cards you want by tapping the number button.

6. Create New Cards

Do you still want to switch your cards? To generate a new set of cards, tap the “change card(s)”button.

7. Increase the Number of Cards.

You can buy game cards multiple times in each game and set the auto-play function.

8. Appreciate the Host by Sending Gifts

Sending gifts to our lovely hosts shows your support and love.


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    Sana manalo din po today .para mkabayad nko sa lahat ng utang. 🙏🙇

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