The Fab 5 Winners of Bingoplus

These are the biggest winners of Bingo Plus that might inspire you to be one of the lucky millionaires. For as low as P5 to P150, these lucky Bingo Plus players have become the newest millionaires, and they didn’t even have to go anywhere to win. Check out how they won in extra bingo patterns and jackpot cards when their lucky bingo numbers were announced live.


Take a look at one of the lucky Bingo Plus winners just a few days ago, 3kingstar. Armed with only 10 Extra Patterns + Bingo and jackpot (combo) cards and a total wager amounting to P100, he managed to snag the Bingo & Jackpot prize amounting to P14,705,264.00 early on Wednesday, May 25. He was lucky enough to hit blackout bingo when ball number 43 was called, making him the luckiest BingoPlus player with the biggest cash prize since the company started operations.


bingoplus9zga4k purchased a total of Extra Patterns 3 card(s) and purchased a total Bingo & Jackpot 3 card(s). When calling the ball to No 44, he wins the Bingo And Jackpot. The total Bingo and Jackpot prize is PHP6,213,694.00.


Bingoplusmjq2io purchased total Extra Patterns 8 card(s), a total Bingo & Jackpot 8 card(s), and when lucky the ball No 47 was announced, he won the Bingo. The total Bingo prize is PHP2,156,565.00.


bingoplushgvz95 purchased 2 total Extra Patterns cards, 2 total Bingo & Jackpot cards. He wins the Bingo when you call the ball to No 49. The total Bingo prize is PHP5,391,628.00.


mrhmy534 purchased a total of Extra Patterns 16 card(s), total Bingo & Jackpot 16 card(s), you win the Bingo when you call ball to No 49, the total Bingo prize is PHP3,107,763.00.

As time passes, the number of players will undoubtedly increase. There will be more winners in the future and a guaranteed jackpot winner of 10 million or more who has yet to be claimed. It’s fun to guess who will be our next millionaire. Maybe you’re the one we’re looking for. Make sure to start playing right away!

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