PAGCOR Announced The Online Gaming Operators’ Bid Process

The Philippines’ official gaming service providers are PAGCOR and Philweb. However, because of some unfortunate conditions, enterprises in this sector may have a significant influence. The majority of online casinos and e-games shops may cease operations if President Rodrigo Duterte changes his mind.

Despite the demand from the entertainment and leisure businesses. The government said in August 2016 that its licenses for online casinos and video games were revocable or would not renew. Illegal operators are growing both in terms of establishment and in number. Most problems are related to activities that take place close to places of worship and schools, which are off-limits to them, including tax evasion.

When the PAGCOR sent a letter to PhilWeb in December 2016 stating that a public bidding procedure would be held to assure operation restriction and compliance with Republic Act 9184 for competitive bidding before they could renew a license, worries started to resurface. The two gaming organizations may only hold a few meetings to discuss the operation of e-games with online casino services.

Egames and internet casinos offer well-known games, including baccarat, slot machine games, sports betting, and blackjack. And before they could begin their operations and before we could take advantage of the leisure and enjoyment that these sectors offer. The government wanted to have a correct procedure and security in place. Undoubtedly, biddable operators may receive a justified decision.

PAGCOR Are Accepting Investments From New Casino Owners Outside Of Manila

Apparently, the leisure and entertainment sector intended to grow outside of Manila. According to PAGCOR, they are now open to allowing all investors to obtain a license to operate in the Philippines with the requirement that the business owners abide. First, to guarantee they would have world-class properties, PAGCOR required them to make a minimum investment of $300 million. Additionally, as it is permit to construct near cities and towns. The placement should consider both the local population and the available resources.

The Japanese businessman Kazuo Okada, who owns Tiger Resorts Leisure and Entertainment and is one of the most prominent casino investors with $2 billion in assets. And has already been granted a license by the PAGCOR. Operations began in December 2016 and have since continued. Westside City Resorts might start operations in 2020. Lim Kok Thay, a millionaire from Malaysia, and Andrew Tan are the owners of this resort casino agency. Despite the current difficulty certain online casino operators are experiencing, investors’ interest in setting up enterprises here will profit from this.

The government is working hard to improve the economic standing of the Philippines. Promote local tourism, and enhance the number of jobs available for Filipinos in online casinos. Consider the difficulties in advancing infrastructure developments for accessing the entertainment city.

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