Parental Bingo Games Online

The majority of today’s bingo games online players learned the game as children, and it could have been part of a classroom holiday party game or a rainy day activity. It’s worth noting that bingo cards are use to teach young children about spelling, animals, and multiplication table games in 18th century Germany.

That educational trend continues today. With bingo being use in novel ways to teach children everything from putting together healthy meals at the grocery store to learning the names of birds, butterflies, wildlife, plants, and even dinosaurs. Bingo can be a fun way for children to learn about their surroundings while also learning how the game of bingo works.

Grocery Store Bingo

The importance of bingo in the classroom has not gone unnoticed in the United States. Agriculture Department The federal agency issued a tweet encouraging parents to teach their young children about nutrition by playing Grocery Store Bingo with them at the grocery store. The USDA’s tweet included a link to a bingo card that parents could print out. They get a bingo whenever the food in the basket corresponds to five across in any direction!

Bingo Games for Kids on Pinterest

Pinterest is becoming increasingly popular for almost any topic you can think of. This includes having a seemingly limitless selection of bingo games aiming at children of all ages. Whether you’re looking for an activity for the kids to do on a road trip, such as car bingo, or you’re trying to teach them about shapes or get them interest in an upcoming holiday, a simple search on the words “bingo” and “kids” could result in you spending hours on the site looking at all of the different options that someone has created a bingo game around.

Bingo for Threenagers

Young children can be difficult to manage, especially when learning how to manipulate their surroundings. Pinky McKay, the author of parenting books, began referring to three-year-olds as “Threenagers”. Three-year-olds, like teenagers, can be demanding and moody. The Huffington Post published an article that included a clickable game card. Parents to mark off the common behaviors of their own “threenager.”

Parents Magazine, Kids Bingo Games

Parents magazine has been in print for decades. Its online store sells a variety of bingo games from various vendors, which parents, homeschool teachers, and others can purchase. Whether you want a traditional bingo game setup, complete with hopper and bingo balls, or something a little more specialized. You’re likely to find it on the many pages of Parents magazine’s online store devoted solely to all of the different available bingo games.

Children’s Bingo Smart Phone Apps

Many children begin interacting with electronics at an early age. App developers for those devices have gotten the message and have created many bingo apps geared toward children. Many of which are free for Android, iPhone, or Amazon’s Kindle devices. Children’s Bingo Smart Phone Apps

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