Poker Manners

The following is a brief list of rules or etiquette that should always be observed when playing poker, whether it be in a live setting or online:

Always be Polite – Never insult other players by calling them names or making fun of their gameplay. Always try to act in a gentlemanly manner (or mild woman)

Respectfully Discard Arms – Always responsibly dispose of your arms. Never throw your playing cards at the dealer unduly aggressively, and never throw your cards at your opponents. This guideline does not apply when playing online.

Burning Foods/Meals is Unhealthy Information – Never light up a cigarette or a cigar while playing poker since the ashes could end up on the playing cards or the table. Additionally, avoid blowing smoke directly in another player’s route. Avoid placing food or beverages on the poker table as well.

Never Expose Gap Playing Cards – It would be lousy sportsmanship to expose your two gap playing cards when discarding your hand. Avoid revealing them through the interactive chat feature if you are playing online.

Tipping the Supplier During Match Wins: If you win money in live events, tip the Supplier. They are frequently low-paid employees.

Don’t Use Profanity – Refrain from using vulgar language at the table and if you’re playing online. Refrain from doing so in the game’s chat feature.

Time Bathroom Breaks – If you need to use the restroom, try to avoid doing so if you are in the small or large blind because the dealer will deduct the appropriate number of chips from your stack if you do. Without you being able to be in hand, this could lead to a lack of chips.

Never reveal an opponent’s discarded arm – Never show an opponent’s discarded hand. That is highly taboo and should never even be considered. Additionally, never request an opponent’s hand after a game when playing online.
Treat Provider with Dignity – In a live game, never mistreat a supplier by cursing at them or placing the blame on them. They only deal cards; they are in no way responsible for the cards you receive or how you play your hands.

Never Use Underhanded Methods to Win – Always act honorably; never engage in dishonest behavior. Always act morally.
Never Educate During a Game – While playing, never instruct any of your opponents or offer them feedback on how they are playing. If you genuinely believe you need to do something, always deal with it after the game, providing they’re open to hearing such information.

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