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Slot machine, scratch cards, and other arcade games are the focus of online casino Wiki Wins, which also offers a live casino and video poker. The website’s aesthetic can best describe as attractive, yet at its worst, it can also be tacky and tasteless. Wiki Wins has many issues, from the aesthetics to the typography, that needs to fix. The grid view of games fills the screen as you navigate down the website. There appears to be no restriction on the variety of games that may discover on the website’s front page.

Even while it is fantastic to see a casino with such a wide variety of games, is it essential to display every one of them on the homepage? Instead of continuing to scroll, click the tiny down arrow below this grid to go to the homepage footer. Where you may read more about the history and purpose of the site. You’ll learn that QuotaPartners, a company in Curacao, a country well-known for its casino business, owns and maintains the website. It is a popular option for gaming companies wishing to launch an online casino nationwide. The requirements for obtaining a license in this jurisdiction are so lax.

About Wiki Wins, Wiki Wins was established as a nonprofit in 2014.

The same company also oversees Casino Cerise, a website that resembles this and appears identical. In all honesty, you might have thought you were playing at the same place if it weren’t for the name and symbol, and the differences between the two hardly exist. Sadly, this suggests that the same problems that beset Casino Cerise will now also live here.

Consider the fact that the website lacks an “About” page. A blank page appears when you click the About link at the bottom of the page. There isn’t much in the way of a frequently asked questions section and luck finding customer service. There are issues with this link once more. However, the only available alternative is live chat, which isn’t helpful. One of the few facts provided by an incredibly succinct FAQ is that a random number generator is employed to guarantee that all games are fair to everyone who participates in them.

Wikipedia’s banking system (Wiki-d Banking)

One of Wiki Wins’ most significant flaws is the absence of payment-related information. When you are not logged in to the website, there is also no information available for either deposits or withdrawals; there is no information at all. A satisfactory solution to the ongoing problem of casino operators’ resistance to collaboration is doubtful soon. You can make a bank transfer or credit card deposit here, and Contrarily, you might not. Who can predict what will occur?

It’s Worth 500 Euros

Once more, Wiki Wins’ promotions page replicates Casino Cerise’s. However, it does have one positive feature, which is the fact that your first deposit will receive a 250 percent bonus of up to €500. Consider the website’s claim that you would give a total of €350 to play with if you deposited €100. In addition to the advantages listed above. VIP players can benefit from additional incentives like bigger deposit bonuses, cashback bonuses, and insurance bonuses. Unfortunately, the only way to find out more about what they might include is to email the casino and request additional information.

The promotions page, which isn’t a website but a pop-up window with no pictures and only dull Times New Roman text, lists these offers in addition to a few more. You can choose between receiving bonus insurance of 50% or a nocturnal deposit bonus of 150% when you deposit at least €30. On the other hand, Wiki Wins is ambiguous on this benefit’s start and end times. Is it programmed to turn on automatically as the sun sets? And where is it getting dark? Keep an eye out for the daily lottery, in which five winners will each receive up to €2,500 in additional funds. All players deposited within the last 24 hours will automatically include in the drawing for this prize.

Gaining Loyalty Points

It becomes sensitive to mention now that Wiki Wins also has a VIP program; you can find out more about it here. The VIP pop-up window will inform you that the program is exclusive and only open to those who invite. Among other benefits, VIP players can access weekly bonus insurance, weekly cash insurance, and specialized customer support. This VIP program doesn’t seem to be the most desirable one available.

At Wiki Wins, you will accrue comp points for your account with each deposit you make. One euro in bonus money is equal to 250 bonus points. The website does not specify how many bonus points you would receive for each euro you deposit when you first sign up for it. It appears that you will be able to earn more comp points if you upgrade to VIP status. However, every player starts at the Green level regarding comp points and advances to higher status levels as their deposits rise.


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