Congrats, nescafestik17, For Winning The Bingo & Jackpot Prize

Bingo Plus mania, let us all congratulate bingo plus winner player nescafestik17 for winning the almost 40Million Pesos Jackpot. We at Bingo Plus are happy to share with you his bingo plus story

” Hi, My name is Nescafestik17(username), a certified coffee lover. I can’t believe and can’t find words for what I feel right now. I remember when I won, I watched Netflix. And I am about a month to play the Bingo Mega; I both two cards worth 10 Pesos each. (Wow, with only 20 pesos of bingo cards, it turns to 39million pesos!) What I can only say to Bingoplus is that I am grateful because I can’t expect that I will be the one who will win the jackpot. For my co-bingo plus player, keep playing bingo and just enjoy the bingo game; the time will come your luck will come too.”

Nescafestik17 Bought two bingo combo cards for the Extra Pattern and Bingo & Jackpot Round ticket. He won when the 45fth were called for the Bingo & Jackpot prize worth ₱39,694,664.00. He won precisely at 9:21 PM on July 12, 202

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